The most important question that confronts every man living on this earth is: "Where will I spend my eternity?" The thing that is clear to every one is that man's life on earth, no matter how much prolonged, is short and full of labors, dangers, disasters, adversities, sorrows, fears, and tears. But all those do not compare neither with the measure nor with the extent of the eternal sufferings that will inflict every sinful man in the fire of hell. When it becomes clear to us that this life is short and that eternity is endless, then we give eternity the priority it deserves in our life.

Here, the spiritual concepts become preeminent in our thoughts, and "religion" becomes of utter importance to man. But it is lamentable that many people have closed their minds, blinded their eyes, and hid themselves behind their blind religious fanaticism that can produce nothing but misery, and lead to nothing but eternal destruction; prohibiting them from searching, studying and discovering the truth that can give internal peace, concerning their eternity. It was appointed unto man once to die after which is the judgement; this means that man cannot receive a second chance after death, to repent and to strengthen up his ways. Such an opportunity will pass forever after death. Do not let blind fanaticism make you loose it; especially because God has prepared for you an eternal salvation.


When you study the world's religions, you find that all major religions offer man certain educational foundations, and moral values that are indispensable for our society. However, man's sin has paralyzed him spiritually and condemned him to external hell. For this reason, man is in need for more than just principles and values to save him from his pathetic state, for principles and values cannot save. You can test yourself by asking this important question: "Where will I spend my eternity?" It is of the utmost importance that you do not overlook or bypass this question because your very eternity depends on it. If you felt uneasy and confused as you hear this question, it is because you are like everybody else, a sinner in need to be saved from the shackles of sin.

But to receive that salvation, you undoubtedly need the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ whom God the Father sent to accomplish your very salvation, introducing him in the Gospel. Without this Savior, you cannot be saved neither from the shackles of sin, nor from its tiresome burden. But the merciful God has loved man so much that he sent the only, most holy Savior who can provide to man complete salvation and give him the peace of God that passes all understanding. For this very reason, all the prophets bear witness for him that whoever believes in Him, shall receive the forgiveness of sins, in His name. (Acts 10:43). The Tenet says of Him: "Kiss the Son, lest he be angry… Blessed are all they that put their trust in him." (Ps. 2:12).

Even the Koran attributed the following statement to God saying to Christ: "And I will set those who followed thee above those who disbelieved, even unto the day of resurrection." (3)House of Imran 51). Whereas the Koran says of the Gospel that it is: "Light and Guidance"; and whereas we present to you the message of this Gospel, we will give you the definite proofs that establish the infallibility of the Holy Bible, confound everyone that transgress against it, remove all doubts from your heart, help you the positive answer, and encourage you to make the resolved decision concerning the issue that divide between eternity in Paradise and eternity in hell. I hope you can be sincere for your own good when you answer the most important question confronting you: "Where will I spent my eternity?"


A general idea has spread among the Muslims that the Bible has been tampered with and changed. However, the proofs that are presented to you on these pages will definitely furnish you with all the convincing evidence, confirming testimonies, substantiating verifications, and measures that neither can be refuted nor compromised, to make sure to you that it is impossible for the Bible to be tampered with and changed. The first question that should come to the mind of the inquiring Muslim is: "If there was any change in the Bible, than, was that change made before or after the days of the Arabian Prophet?"

1. It is clear that no change could have been made in the Bible before the days of Mohammed; otherwise, he would have attacked it, and he would have mentioned it in the Koran, commanding the Muslims and warning the world against reading a book that was altered. But Mohammed honored the Bible and emphasized that it is the book of God that was given to that world as "light and guidance". For this reason, he admonished them to read it, saying: "Say, People of the book, you stand on nothing, until you perform the Torah and the Gospel." (5)The Table 68).

2. If you were told that the Bible could have been changed after the days of Mohammed. Then ask yourself this question: If Christianity has spread all over the world, before the days of Mohammed, and it was divided into many denominations; then, for the favor of which denomination was the change made? Was the alteration made in favor of the Catholics, the orthodox or any of the independent denominations? Would the other denominations agree to have any changes made in favor of one denomination but not in favor of the others?

3. Could it be possible that there was a collusion between different denominations that "supervised" each other, to maliciously change the Book that commands them to be truthful, faithful, and righteous? How could they alter God's Book when the strong warning rings throughout its pages, saying: "If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life." (Revelation 22.18-19). Whereas God has promised that heaven and earth will pass before the hand of corruption could touch his Word; He remains faithful to His promise and to keeping His Bible. If any one could have altered the Bible, the traditional churches would have at least eliminated from it the verse that says: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God…" (Exodus 20:4-5). But those churches, with all their powers and capabilities, could not delete that verse from the Holy Bible.

4. Was it possible for the different Jewish sects to agree to alteration of the Torah in favor of Christianity? As you well know, the Jews in those times were lurking for the Christians, and raring to launch their attack against the Christians had they introduced any alteration to the Bible; especially when the Jews were strongly protective of their Torah to the extent that they knew the number of its letters and its words, so that nations used their attitude for a proverb. For that reason, it was impossible to change the Bible.

5. If the Bible has been tampered with and changed, why then the accusers have not presented a list of the verses that were supposed to have been changed, accompanying a list of the original, with an explanation of the purpose behind the change? The Bible was translated into Arabic in the days of Mohammed, and was circulated among the Christian Arabian tribes such as Himiar, Ghassan, Najran, El-hira, and others. Also, if it was in the hands of Mohammed himself, who, of course, read it as did those who came before him. (Jonah 94); therefore, if there was any change or alteration in the Bible, the Muslim accusers would have kept the original to prove their cause and claims.

6. By the seventh century after Christ, the copies of the Bible were in the thousands, whether in the original languages or in the different translations, circulated in the hands of the Christian and non-Christian sects, in every country and every n; and there was no military might, nor civilian authority, nor religious influence, nor governmental powers, that could have the legitimate warrant or legal jurisdiction that would enable it to reach out to every part of the world were copies of the Bible existed, confiscate them, and change them. The job of collecting the millions of copies of the Bible was and still is most impossible. Moreover, a big number of the ancient manuscripts, in the original languages and in different translations, are found in a number of major museums. Moreover, it was no surprise that all those copies were in perfect harmony. Furthermore, the Bible does distinguish itself from all other books in that it is the only Book that has the most ancient manuscripts in existence today, and no other book can make that claim. Therefore, anyone who accuses the Bible of being altered is denying history itself, and that is an attitude of great ignorance.

7. El-Razi, one of the most famous Muslim scholars, came to courageously defend the Bible and the soundness of its text. He said on page 327 of his Third Volume: "How could there be any alteration in the Book whose words' sharpness has reached a great level of circulation in the East and in the West? … How could anyone inject any alteration in the Torah with its great prominence among men? … For no change of words can occur in a book that is well circulated among men. Every wise man can see that the alteration of the Bible was impossible for it was well circulated among many men of different faith and backgrounds. It was in the hands of the Jews who were dispersed throughout the world, and it was circulated among the Christians up to the uttermost parts of the world." Thus, the Imam of Muslim Imams testified soberly and astutely that the alteration of the Bible was something impossible.

8. The Koran testifies in tens of its verses for the accuracy of the Old and the New Testament, but we will quote only the following verses: "… And they have the Torah wherein is God's judgement… Surely We sent down the Torah wherein is guidance and light; thereby the prophets give their judgement… And we brought the Gospel wherein there is guidance and light, and confirming that which is in His hand of the Torah, and guidance and admonition unto the godly… and He sent down aforetime as guidance unto the people…" (5)The Table 43-48; (3)House of Imran 2). The Koran continued praising the Bible by insisting on the impossibility of altering the Holy Bible: "There is no altering to His words." (18)Cave 26); "Thou shalt not find altering in the law of God." (Jonah 65; Victory 23). Then the Koran insists that that Bible is the Remembrance, for this reason it is stressed the point: "We have sent down the Remembrance, and we are surely keeping it." (22)El-Hijr 9).

9. If God emphasized that He Himself inspired the Remembrance and that He would keep it and guard it, how could a man, a Muslim or a nominal Christian, be audacious enough to accuse the almighty God of being a liar, and to accuse him that He was not mighty enough to guard His Word against any alteration? How can men criticize the living Word of God, and slap God with accusations and ugly lies? Hear my brother, when you attack the Holy Bible, you do not attack the Christians, but God Himself; in doing so, you are identifying with the accursed Satan in an attempt against the Word of God. Such an act is nothing less than a conspiratorial complicity against God's Holy book. Do not forget that Satan has found agents to work for him in every age and generation, plotting with him in ugly attempts to smudge and stain the reputation of the Bible with all kinds of accusations and assaults; but we have to understand that God has given His Word an unconditional, eternal promise that heaven and earth will pass away but His Word will last forever (Matthew 24:35). Attacking God's Word is an attack on God Himself; and that is the work of Satan; and man's criticism of god's Word is nothing less than a collusion with God's enemy who uses his agents to conceal the truth by inquiring and exchange God's truth with a lie.

Those who insist on criticizing God's Word, claiming that they are wise, are nothing less than fools, perverted and perverting; and promising people liberty when they themselves are bond-slaves of corruption. They did not like to accept the accuracy of the Bible in spite of all the convincing evidence, the solid confirmations, the clear affidavits, and the irrefutable measures. But they became foolish in their thoughts, and their heart was darkened. For this reason, God delivered them to a reprobate mind. However, the day will soon come when they will stand before the throne of the Condemning Judge and fall under his condemnation where he will afflict them with His dreadful wrath. Thus they will receive the just punishment of their error (Romans 1). "And woe to the unbelievers for a terrible chastisement." (Abraham 1).

Therefore, let us not comply with Satan, but rather, let us believe the Word of God lest we fall in the net of those who fell under the wrath of God.

The Koran Purpose

As you read the Koran, you find that its text from beginning to end, assures its readers that it confirms the Bible (4)Women 47, 50, 126; Cow 40-42; (3)House of Imran 2, 75; Jonah 28; (5)Table 52, 72). The Koran pointed at the Bible in many of its verses, giving it the most beautiful descriptive terms: "Guidance and Remembrance to men possessed of mind" (Believers 53); "The Book, the judgement and the prophecy." (6)Cattle 89); " Example and mercy" (11)Hood 17) "Light and guidance" (6)Cattle 91); "Guidance and mercy" (6)cattle 154; (28)Stories 42); "Farkan [divider between good and evil] and remembrance" (21)Prophet 48); "Clear revelation" (2)Cow 92, 153); "God's judgement" (5)Table 47). Even though the Koran message is important, you will not find in it provisions for salvation, forgiveness of sins, or assurance for eternity. However, the importance of the Koran is in its message that directs its readers straight to the Bible, the Book of Light, Guidance, mercy and God's judgement; the only Book where the message of salvation and assurance is found. Because the Koran text always pointed at the Bible for light and guidance, we quoted it, so that the reader may reason and believe. The Koran continued to point at the Bible admonishing Christians and Jews to ever uphold it, saying: "People of the Book, you do not stand on anything until you perform the Torah and the Gospel." (5)Table 72). Then the Koran tells the Muslims to believe in the Bible: "Ye who have believed, believe in God… and in the Book that he sent down before (meaning the Bible)… " (4)Women 136). As you read the Koran, you find that it is pointing its reader towards the Bible because the Bible does not speak of educational principles and moral values only; but it is the only Book that contains the message of salvation, forgiveness of sins, and assurance for eternity… a message man needs badly. Consequently the Koran commands the Muslims saying: "Ask questions of the people of the remembrance if you do not know." (Prophets 7).

Oh, that my Muslim brethren may obey the Koran commands and read this Gospel that they may reason and come to the saving knowledge of Christ. For the meaning of those verses is but a warning that whoever refuses to believe the Gospel message, has disobeyed God and defied God's Word. What will their excuse be on the Day of judgement?

However, if your heart's desire is to inherit eternal life, you will have to believe the Bible and do according to its precepts; there you will find the only way to harmonize between God's justice and His mercy, to experience the forgiveness of sins, and to have the everlasting joy in Christ Jesus, the near-stationed to God. Consequently, you will be able to know and be sure of your eternity, and you will be able to say: "I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day." (2 Tim. 1:12).

A Prescription to Read the Bible

Every time you come to read the Bible, lift your heart in a prayer, and say: "Lord, guide me to understand your word, and strengthenmy faith that I accept the things of which you convince me. Help me to understand your will, and do it in my life."

Excerpt from: The gospel of Christ Jesus according to Saint John - As reviewed by the Koran and Muslim scholars, By: Dr. Ben Malik Jamil

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