Fouad (Chawool) Testimony                                              In Arabic


   I am a Moslem man who got married to a Christian woman. She knew very little about Jesus Christ, taking into consideration that she used to refuse to go to the church.

   As for me, I first started to think about religion in 1974 when I had finished my academical studies. Questions arose in my mind like: which religion is the right one? Wish one leads to heaven? Which groups of people have eternal life? Is it only those who are generous? What about the poor ones? How would they get enough money for chartable Dees? I wondered too much but I never got the answer. And i.uke else, didnít choose my religion. It was the parents who had a certain religion and, consequently, they passed this religion to their children.


How did I find Jesus



   I was curious to know about the different religion sin the world specifically Budism, Confucionisme, and Jehovah's Witness. I adopted each of the latter religions for, at least, two years. But unfortunate, it donít quench my thirst for the truth.


   I even studied the Quran, and the prophet's conversation of different Islamic sects. But again I was disappointed to find out that some say god homicide in inspiring Mohamed thinking he was all bin Ali bin Abi Taleb. However I was attracted by a scripture in the Quran that says  ( Youness94: if you wert in doubt as to what we have revealed unto thee, then ask those who have been reading the book from before theeÖ) . I asked religious teachers about this verse and the shi-it ( my- religious ) said that it was aliís while the summit said it was Waraka Bin Nawfal, who was a Christian  priest living in the Arab gulf ( Arabic saoudite ) . Anyway, I donít want to judge others so that wonít be judged as Jesus says. All I want to do is to show the truth, and anyone who wants to know can go back to the holy books and find whether god is in the Quran or the bible. Its true that both have talked about Noah, Abraham, Lot, Joseph and othersÖ, but we shouldnít ignore the mistakes found in the Quran. For instance it's mentioned that Mary, Omranís sister, and Jesus mother are the same person, while history says that there is a period of 1000 years separating both women. The Quran sayís that God is afraid of the scientist (Fater 28). And I wonder whether god is really frightened by frightened his creation or is the other way around. However, when you ask for an explamation to this sura, they relate the mistare to the Arabic grammatical structure. The are many others aspects which you can consider as you compare between the Quran and the bible.


   Therefore, I turned to the bible. I started studying it resourced in my study. I learned every think about Jesus and his love and the way he died to save the people. No one has ever died for anyone, and I donít believe anyone will, other than Jesus. 


   The exciting part of my story starts with a news program called ď PanoramaĒ tuned on Monte Carlo radio station. I was faithful listener to this program every night before i went to sleep. One night I over slept before the end of this program, but woke up later upon hearing a voice sayingĒ repent and  believe in the bible for godís kingdom is nearĒ I searched frantically for the source of this voice, and my wife woke up wondering whatís going on?  Actually she told me that this Jesus was turning me crazy, however, this voice was coming from the radio which I forgot to turn off, and the program was a bible study program. It   was   likeďcold water to a weary soulĒ. I patiently waited each night to listen to the bible study, and I started sending letters to the team there. The used to send me the answers to my questions, and I found faithful responses that quenched my thirst for the truth.


   The exchanging of letters went on for month is infill I moved to a new village, when I didnít receive any more letters. Therefore,   I started looking for a church that teaches the same doctrine. My search was unfruitful, until one Sunday when I was riding in the village,  i saw a grows in front of a building. I asked my wife about it, singe she teaches in that village, but she didnít know. My curiosities lead me to stop and watch the building. To my surprise, I saw the name of the church that I was looking for, however I waited till the next Sunday to visit this church, praying that god is leading me to the right place but god didnít wait till that time. The following day, after I came back home, I was surprised by my son waiting for me at the door to tell me that there was a man waiting to talk to me. I found out that he drove a long distance in a raining night to give me a letter from a radio program of course; you know where it came from. But thatís   not every thing, this man told me about the church that i saw the previous day, and gave me the number of the pastor there to contact him and i did. Consequently, the following Sunday I asked my sons to go with me to this church, but they refused saying that I have never asked them before so why should they go now. I told them to go just this time and if they didnít like it they didnít have to go again. Fortunately,   my family I liked the church, and we became members. Our life changed totally. I was Babtiled, and we became a praying family living to glorify God.  But there is a price every believer has to pay, for being godís child. I was fired from my job for the name of Jesus even though my boss was a Christian. But thanks god who is providing for us and fulfilling our. Need in the name of his son Jesus Christ. And now I can say that god is my shepherd I shall not want. Amen.

                                                                                                FOUAD,              ( CHAWOOL)